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Induction Sealing Machine: The Buying Guide in 2022

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Induction Sealing Machine: The Buying Guide in 2022

Do you know induction sealing has created an airtight seal that prevents your products from leaking at the closure? An airtight seal will also protect your products from exposure to air and ensure your product's freshness. Hearing so many benefits of this induction sealing, do you want to have a try? Today I will guide you through every aspect of this induction sealing machine, from benefits, application, classification, working principle and FAQ about this machinery. Let's drive to the subject of the topic directly.

1. What is Induction Sealing?

Generally speaking, induction sealing involves bonding thermoplastic materials by applying induction heating. Induction sealing is a process that involves the sealing of a capped bottle. It involves the creation of hermetic sealing on a bottle after it has been filled and capped by filling and capping machines. It involves the application of eddy currents.

Induction Sealing Machine by GLSEAL

It is important to know that the container or contents are not harmed by the heat produced due to the eddy currents.

2. What is Induction Sealing Machine?

An induction sealing machine is a machine that is used for the sealing of non-metallic containers (maybe plastic or glass containers) by the application of the technique of induction heating. The induction sealing machine has many uses, but its most common application is in cap sealing. An electrical field is created by the sealing head of the induction sealing machine heating up the foil liner on the inside of the cap. The hot foil causes the melting of the polymer coating present on the inner seal. Coupling the heat with the pressure generated by the cap leads to forming an airtight seal.

3. What are the Advantages of Induction Sealing Machine?

Induction Sealing Machine by GLSEAL

Many developments and inventions have made our lives easier in the modern era. There is a solution to every problem that arises. Likewise, the invention of induction sealing machines has proved to be very beneficial in sealing bottles and other containers. Some advantages of induction sealing machines are:
  • They have vast applications in various industries like pharmaceutical, food and dairy, beverage, etc.
  • They provide fast and continuous sealing of the containers
  • They are available in different forms and can be customized according to the needs.
  • Most of them are user-friendly and easy to install.
  • They can be applied for small to very large operations.

4. How does Induction Sealing Machine Work?

Nevertheless, the sealing process varies between cap induction and direct induction sealing.
  • 1- For cap sealing, caps are required with also aluminium liner.
  • 2- The bottles are then closed and transmitted to the sealing head by the conveyor. An electrical field is created by the induction sealing machine`s sealing head, heating the foil liner on the same side of the cap.
  • 3- The hot foil has to melt the polymer coating on the inner seal. It results in better sealing.
  • 4- Unlike other kinds of induction sealing, capless induction sealing applies an airtight seal directly to the container.
  • 5- This type of induction sealing does not require the usual requirement of a screw thread or a cap.
  • 6- In contrast to conventional induction sealing, this form of induction sealing is somehow more complicated. First of all, the foil is placed in a reel.
  • 7- After the foil has been placed, it is pressed by the sealing head, initiating the induction sealing process that terminates by adhering the seal to the container.

5. What Factors will Affect the Induction Sealing Efficiency?

To understand a steady item seal these defined items need to match well.
  • Bottles
  • Cap conclusion
  • Lining material
  • Machine Type
Choosing the right machine for your needs is an important task. You have to have the right machine, at the right time, and the right place for the smooth running of the process of induction sealing machine.

6. How to Choose the Most Suitable Induction Sealing Machine?

Induction Sealing Machine by GLSEAL

Before choosing a machine, you should make sure that the machine fulfills all your requirements and is efficient enough to give you the desired yield. While looking for an induction sealing machine, you should consider the following aspects.

Decide if you want an inner seal or not

The addition of an inner seal provides added qualities to your packaging and increases the shelf life of the products even more.

Beware of Fraud

You should look for the companies` reputation before buying an induction sealing machine. If the seller is dubious, you should not buy a machine from that seller. Buying an induction sealing machine from such a seller is surely going to cause you financial loss.

Make Sure the Company has Official Website

An official website is often a guarantee that the company, from which you are considering buying an induction sealing machine, is authentic and you can later claim any fault that arises in the machine.

Evaluate the Quality and Performance of the Machine

You should make sure that the induction sealing machine is efficient enough to fulfill the demands of your production unit. You must prefer buying that machine which is flexible enough to seal containers of different types and different sizes.

Check for the Availability of Spare Parts

You should make sure that the spare parts of the induction sealing machine you are going to buy are easily available so you do not have to face any problem in finding them when you need them.

Look for the Best Price

You should survey the market and try finding the best machine at a reasonable price. This will save money for you without compromising on the quality of the induction sealing machine.

Shipping Charges

For shipment of your machine, you should be looking for a service that is safe and reasonable at the same time. This will also save money for you.

In-Time Shipping

It is very important that you get your machine shipped in the given time so you do not have to wait for too long and you would not get late in completing your required task.


Ultimately, you already know every single detail about the induction sealing machine. Weigh out the benefits of the equipment to those of other sealer types, which should be enough reason to convince you. Troubleshooting the equipment isn’t complicated either. Above all, acquiring an efficient induction sealer would save you a lot of the labors and bustle while returning your investment in the long run.
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